$995+ Sacramento Immigration Attorney

$995+ Sacramento Immigration Attorney

Obtaining a Green Card, Visa or defending yourself against deportation is affordable with Sacramento immigration attorney Agxibel Barajas.

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Immigration Attorney

Agxibel Barajas is an immigration attorney who helps clients from Mexico, South America and other countries achieve their immigration goals.  Agxibel Barajas is the daughter of Mexican immigrant farm workers so she understands the difficulty immigrants face.  To help clients achieve their American Dream Agxibel Barajas charges fees as low as $995.  She can help you receive a green card, file for deferred action, seek a provisional waiver or achieve another immigration goal.  To receive a consultation with Agxibel Barajas call her direct line at (916) 218-4123.

Affordable Fees

The cost of hiring an immigration attorney should not be the deciding factor in pursuing lawful status in the United States.  Accordingly, Agxibel Barajas helps clients afford her services in two ways.  One, she accepts credit card payments.  In a profession where few attorneys accept credit card payments Agxibel Barajas believes that every client deserves the right to finance their immigration.  Two, she charges flat fees as low as $995.  Instead of billing clients by the hour which can result in legal fees over $10,000, Agxibel Barajas charges a low flat fee so that clients can be certain of the total cost of immigration.

Immigration Services

Immigrants from Mexico and South America face many hurdles in pursuing their American dream.  From gaining a green card to defending against deportation, Mexican immigrants in Sacramento face political and legal challenges.  To help clients overcome these challenges Agxibel Barajas represents clients in the following areas:


The DREAM Act promised a conditional residency for undocumented youth with an education or military services.  While the DREAM Act has yet to pass Congress a version of its goal has been implemented by Executive Action.  The 2012 the Department of Homeland Security announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which allows certain undocumented youth to avoid removal proceedings and receive work authorization.  Not every youth without lawful status qualifies, and many applicants are denied due to critical errors.  To help clients receive the benefits of this new program attorney Agxibel Barajas charges a low flat fee to complete the DACA application and navigate clients through the complex federal process.

Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

Many United States citizens marry undocumented immigrants.  However, when attempting to get their undocumented spouse permanent resident status (a green card) they encounter a unique problem.  Their spouse must leave the United States to interview at a consular office, but upon departing the United States they may be prevented from re-entering the United States due to previous unlawful presence.  In short, the very act of leaving the United States required to receive a green card can trigger a law that prevents the spouse from re-entering the United States for several years.  Once outside the United States and denied re-entry due to unlawful presence the spouse must file a waiver application and remain outside the United States for several months while the application is processed.  Alternatively, an immigration attorney can file an I-601A provisional unlawful presence waiver before the spouse departs the United States for consular processing.  While the spouse remains in the United States the provisional unlawful presence waiver can be granted allowing the spouse to depart the United States to attend their immigrant visa interview, and if otherwise eligible, issued an immigrant visa and be allowed to re-enter the United States right away.